Five Tips To Building Your Twitter Presence

Along with Facebook, Twitter is the predominant social media sharing site on the Internet so it is vitally important to have a presence on there if you want to be successful with your internet business. I have listed five tips below which should help to build your presence and get you more followers. Use Your…

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Grumpy Old Man – The Underground

Grumpy Old Man The Underground

   Now living in North London, I am able to hop on a tube train and   be in the centre of London in less than 40 minutes from my house and, being of an age where Boris thinks my patience with the Tube network should be rewarded, I am able to travel for free. I…

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Making A Living From Adsense

As an Internet Marketer, can I make a living off AdSense income at the present time like was possible back a few years? Well let’s first look at the way that money was made back in the day! At the height of the AdSense feeding frenzy, web masters would create sites that were purely made…

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O2 Arena – My Youth In Three Hours!

My Youth In 3 Hours

Last night I went with my wife to the O2 Arena in London to a concert as a belated birthday present for her as, even though it was bought near her birthday in February, the concert was two months later. I’d been there before with my son for the NBA basketball match earlier in the…

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5 Tips To Creating A Winning Facebook Presence

As Social Media is fast becoming the most vibrant traffic producing opportunity for internet marketing so it is vitally important that we create a Facebook presence that engages our readers at first glance. So here are some tips to assist you in shaping your on-line Facebook property. Interact with your readers Where many people go…

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Grumpy Old Man – Blinking Students!

Blinking Students

Now I live in North London near a college I attended many years ago where all the local companies used to send their apprentices for one day a week just to get them out of their hair for a day and get some work done without their interference. The courses were mainly for those people…

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What Exactly Is SEO?


By definition, SEO is Search Engine Optimization which explains pretty clearly what you are trying to do with the techniques as by improving the visibility of your site to the various search engines out there, will increase your overall ranking in the list. The closer you are to the top of page 1, the person…

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Product Review – Bloggers Roadmap

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a copy of Bloggers Roadmap, a product by Daniel Sumner and felt that I should review the product and share my findings with you. From the outset, I knew it was likely to be a good product as Daniel is a member of John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success…

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A New Realisation – I’m A Grumpy Old Man

So what has made me realise this important fact after a number of years of being told that I am slowly but surely becoming what I always said I wouldn’t be, a grumpy old man? Today, after about 12 days of suffering from a sore throat and my tongue feeling as if it has pins…

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Becoming A Millionaire

Millionaire status

Not sure how many of you are familiar with the BBC TV comedy programme “Only Fools And Horses” which is about a couple of fly pitchers in London who dream of getting rich. The main character, Del Boy Trotter, has a wonderful line which he throws in mainly when their world is at its darkest…

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