One of the things I really enjoy doing is walking my dog as it is a simple form of exercise for both of us and helps me relax and think about things I have on my mind. I feel I am a caring dog owner as I am happy to pick up his business whenever he leaves a deposit on the ground.

I am also glad to say that my local council are happy to supply good quality plastic bags for you to use and dispose of in the local doggy rubbish bins. Or if not supplied by your local authority, then buy a bag of 100 nappy disposal bags from your local supermarket and use them rather than the highly priced bags specifically aimed at dog owners (and the nappy bags have a nice scent about them as well!)

But there are three types of dog owners who really frustrate me with regard to the picking up and subsequent disposal of doggy business.

Firstly, there are those dog owners who are aware, but unwilling to even consider the picking up of the “messages” their dogs leave behind, and these dogs seem trained to leave the mess in the centre of pavements. I have seen other pedestrians ask these owners to clean up after their dogs and the responses are usually proceeded and concluded with profanities and asking questions of the pedestrian’s actual birth status.

We have one specific dog owner in our village who is seen in his West Ham shirt (not a criticism, just an observation) in the warmer weather that walks his Staffy around and seems to believe his dog has a god given right to leave his business wherever he drops it! In fact, the other day, there was a pile left by him which was about the same size as my Lhasa Apso dog.

Next there are those who have their dog on an extendable lead and allow them to wander everywhere while they are busy reading messages on their phones and, when it is pointed out to them that their dog has made a deposit usually respond that they won’t be able to find it now. Pay attention to your dog, not your phone!

The third type of person is the one who dutifully uses a bag to pick up what their dog has done and walks off carrying the bag only to tie it up and to leave it hanging from a low-lying branch of a tree or bush by the side of the path.

What do they think happens then? That the dog pooh fairy comes around every night and collects up each and every bag and puts them in the local disposal boxes? I suppose they believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus as well?

Why can’t they just put them in a bin themselves and not rely on someone else to finish their job off for them?

If these people take on the obligation of owning a dog then they should accept all of the responsibilities that come with it and one of these is cleaning up after them. I see plenty of signs saying that you can be fined for fouling, but I have never seen any evidence of this.

Today’s rant over and can I ask you this question? Do you own a dog and do you clean up and dispose of his waste properly? Let me know in the comments below.

To you success


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