I know, as busy business owners, parents, etc. there is not really that much free time knocking around so we must try and make the most of it when it comes along whenever or wherever that is and so I believe there are four main areas to concentrate on when looking for things to do to relax!

  1. Reading

This is a chance for you to catch up on the latest book or article relating either to your main job or to your own business or, if you’re lucky, to both of them. I’m not saying that you should only read books that are going to help you grow your business and your knowledge, but reading low brow fiction helps to pass the time, but might leave you wanting more!

My choices are usually

  • business books either about new methods of working or managing my business
  • autobiographies about important people both from my industry and from elsewhere
  • books about my passions

I must admit, if on holiday, I might pick up the latest John Grisham novel or raid the resort library for something I can flick through while catching rays, but that is on odd occasions when my books or Kindle are depleted and I need a quick fix.

  1. Exercise

This is useful not only as a way to spend some of your spare time, but also helps you with concentrating on things in your head when riding a bike or running a few kms! By keeping your body fit, you are also helping to keep your mind fit and more alert when you do end up in the office!

And by using something like a Kindle that talks to you or subscribing to an app like Audible means you can combine 1 & 2 by reading on your bike or listening as you run! So double the bubble!

  1. Meditation

This is always a good way to start the day and, combined with your daily affirmations, can give you an excellent start to the day. Normally a 10-15 minute early morning session in a quiet spot can inject you with powerful and positive vibes for the day so you start from a higher position of power as soon as you begin your daily work regime!

  1. Passion

Sorry if you may have read that wrong and misunderstood what I was implying as “passion”, I mean the thing in life that really excites you the most and if that is that sort of “passion” you can share with your loved one so be it!

Finding time for your passion, whatever that is, makes for the best way to spend your time as it both fully absorbs your time and makes you feel exceptionally good inside.

One of my particular passions is following my football team home, away and in Europe and being able to do this, and with my daughter, is one of my favourite ways to spend my spare time. Yes, after a long day travelling to and from Europe, you feel tired, but the buzz from the day before, win lose or draw, is one of the best stimulants I’ve ever had. I never regret the time I spend doing this and have many great memories and new friends met to sustain this passion.

So these are my thoughts on the best ways to spend your spare time and I’d be pleased to hear in the Comments section below if you have any better suggestions or what you do under these categories for your own pleasure.

Thanks for reading and here’s to your well-deserved success.


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