We are currently, as I write, in a fairly easy lockdown which is looking to take us to the end of April, but, if we follow the other major countries who are suffering with the same virus, then we should be looking at a 90 day enforced lockdown.

So, what are YOU going to do with this wonderful opportunity of having all this time to learn, improve and better yourself? Catch up on missed TV, binge watch box sets or even sit down and watch all the Marvel movies in the correct order?

Or are you going to actually do something that will benefit you when we eventually come out of the lockdown?

I appreciate that there are many people who are still working and keeping the country going in this hard time and they all deserve our thanks and appreciation, but if you are one of those who has been furloughed or, worse, laid off then this is the ideal time to start looking to your own future.

Have you ever though about creating and running your own on-line business and note that this is one area where sales are rocketing at present especially in the supply of information products where there is no physical contact even with the delivery company?

This could be as an affiliate marketer where your home becomes your office and, with the 24-hour access available to your customers anywhere around the world through the internet, your “shop” is never closed even when you are asleep.

One great piece of advice I received from one of my mentors is that you need to create a 90 day action plan for this lock-down and then have a second 90 day implementation plan for when we come out so you are at the forefront of the crowd.

He likened it to, say, the London Marathon where the elite runners are on the front row so that when the gun goes off, they are off and running, moving further from the crowd. And if you wait until the lockdown has ended to start then you are like the fun runners who are still moving towards the start when the front runners are nearly at the end of their race.

So I am looking to push myself towards the front of the queue in this race by educating myself and taking massive steps forward to improve my skill set and my knowledge so that when they fire the gun, I will be running off with the elite guys and not stuck in the following crowd.

To that end, and to give you some assistance, I will be posting links to some free training associated with the business of on-line marketing as a means to give you a healthy push forward. I will also post, as I move forward with this set of posting, some paid training links to move you on to the next level.

If you have anything to comment on this post, please leave them in the box below and I will try and respond as I can and, if you need any help or advice, drop me a line through the Contact Us page and we will talk in the near future.

PS If you want to see what I’m doing, click on the link below and join me on John Thornhill’s excellent programme. I’ve rejoined as started a few years back, but lapsed so now I’m back in and going for it!



To your success



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