So get the first day’s videos from John and work my way through them as, to be honest, the majority of the work had been done back in 2014 when I first set up this page so felt really at ease when I got through them all apart from the new graphics that are required.

Decided to wait and see how these were being deployed by John before getting back to Steve at GFX and having a discussion about getting the new images so then settled down to read The Go Giver, our recommended reading.

I’ve moved house since I started with John all those years ago and had found this little book in one of the boxes I had emptied about six months ago (never rush these sort of jobs as we moved October 2016). I had reread it then and, to be true to the training, re-read it this week for probably the 6th or 7th time.

So Day 2 training arrives and I hit my first big crisis point with regard to OP3 which I need to try and resolve.

In 2014, we had OP1 so that would have been well out of date by now, but I had, at that time, signed up for the OP licence and subsequent upgrades. I must have paid these for a few years as I actually found that I was now set with OP2, but that my licence had last been renewed in 2017.

The OptimizePress website does offer me two alternatives; (a) renew my OP2 licence and seemingly get some, maybe all, of the benefits of OP3; or (b) upgrade to OP3. I have tried speaking to their Support Desk who have now referred me to another part of their organisation which deals with this.

I got up early this morning ready to make a decision as still waiting on them getting back to me and I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade directly to OP3 then saw a message from P2S member, Chris Ramirez, who seemed to have had some issues with OP2 to OP3.

So now I am stuck again about which path to take so I think I should go downstairs, make some coffee, walk the dog, have some breakfast and make my final decision on which route to go. Maye the OP Support Team will have got back to me by then and halped/confused me more.

I think you can see why I’m struggling?

Did make one decision though this morning and wrote to Steve at GFX and asked him about renewing my graphics so not all has been wasted plus I had the basis of this new blog post so possibly Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

PS I’d ask for any comments on this, but it seems as if my Comments/Feedback option below has vanished over the years and I’m hoping it will come back if I upgrade the blog sooon. We’ll see? But I’ll put this up on the Facebook page and get your responses there.

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