Writing A Winning Sales Letter Pt 2

Writing A Winning Sales Letter pt 2

I hope you have had a chance to read part one of my ten tips for writing a winning sales letter. If not, click here Writing A Winning Sales Letter Pt 1 to get you to the first five tips. This post covers my final five tips and I hope you find them of interest…

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My FBAds Cracked $50,000 Bonus Review


The launch of FB Ads Cracked is coming and these guys are giving away some amazing bonuses. Omar Martin, John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson, aka the Bonus Kings, are known for their bonuses and I don’t think that there’s anyone out there that can compete with this trio. For the launch of FB Ads Cracked,…

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Grumpy Old Man – On The Buses

Grumpy Old Man - On The Buses

I was recently privileged to have to take a ride on a local omnibus, the no 34, from Barnet down to Edmonton on my way to a Spurs match and the journey has given me another chapter in rants as a grumpy old man and you can now sit down and enjoy me letting off…

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How To Avoid The Most Common Marketing Mistakes


In today’s fast paced world it is sometimes too easy to think you know best which is a path many failed marketer’s, both on-line and off-line, have followed to disaster. I have listed ten common mistakes which could be potentially fatal for your business. Insufficient Market Research Basing your new business on purely a “gut…

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Writing A Winning Sales Letter

Sales Letter

Some people will spend thousands of pounds on hiring a professional copywriter to create the ideal sales letter for their product and good luck to them if they can afford the expenditure. But sometimes you are the best placed as you know the product inside out and, by following these simple steps, you can produce…

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Profiting From Referrals

Profiting From Referrals

It is often said that people will buy from someone they trust so if any of your friends refers a product to you then this trust is implicit. So one great way to sell more product is by getting more referrals by one of the following methods. Offering Guarantees This will often help when offering…

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16 Rules For Success In Business And Life

Was digging around for bloggers outside the P2S family and came upon this guy’s site. Bob Parsons founded and was, until recently, CEO of GoDaddy. He has a estimated net worth of $1.9 billion so what he says might be worth reading! Bob Parsons® 16 Rules for Success in Business and Life in General 1.…

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Grumpy Old Man – Blinking Students Pt 2!

Blinking Students Pt 2

This is my second blog about the students around my area and you can read my first here Blinking Students Pt 1 Now the clocks have gone forward and the weather has started to turn here in the UK towards sometimes warmer and brighter, my concerns about the local students are growing as they discard…

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Product Review – Slideshare

Slideshare is a gift

According to Wikipedia, it is a Web 2.0 based slide sharing service and allows the sharing of not only slide shows, but also pdf’s, documents, videos and webinars. There is also the ability to join Groups of like-minded individuals and share information. Users can also download or embed other people’s Slideshare presentations into their own…

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Why Use Social Media?

Social Media

Some old school Internet Marketers are still wary of the impact of the social media networks and still focus their marketing on the ways that have always worked for them, but many are now realising that these networks are creating phenomenal business for others and moving some of their focus across to Facebook and Twitter.…

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