When creating a blog there is always a desire to create some sort of relevancy in what we are writing about in our posts. In an effort to assist with this problem and to try and help of some form or writer’s blank should overtake you, can I suggest the use of social hashtags as a way of stimulating your creative juices?

So what are social hashtags  or hashtag holidays I hear you shout in great numbers and from where have they sprung up so recently?

Well, we are all aware of the national holidays celebrated in our own countries and, for the majority of internet marketers, the equivalent days in the USA. You can always write about these and then weave in a story that links to a product you have created or are promoting. But there are very few days like these each year so you will soon run out of them and the inspiration to write about them every year.

Now there are an ever-growing list of special events that have been created as unique and quirky special “holidays” that can be used to start conversations and even create awareness of topics to the general public. Some companies have even utilised these hashtag holidays to enable connection with their audience and create a day/week of special interest in their product; think National Cookie Day on December 4th!

So as we have just entered May 2020, here are some highlights for this month and I hope to see some carefully crafted blog posts conjoining the hashtag holiday into a product launch or promotion. This is only a partial list of days available and I have included the relevant hashtag which can work on both Twitter and Facebook.

May 4    Star Wars Day    #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

May 4    International Firefighters Day    #InternationalFirefightersDay

May 5    National Teachers Day    #ThankATeacher

May 5    Cinco de Mayo    #CincodeMayo

May 6    My birthday so wish me happy birthday guys, 68 and still growing   #OldFartsDay

May 6    National Nurses Day    #NursesDay

May 7    World Password Day    #WorldPasswordDay

May 12   National Limerick Day    #NationalLimerickDay

May 15   National Bike To Work Day    #National Bike To Work Day

May 15   National Chocolate Chip Day   #ChocolateChipDay

May 21   National Memo Day    #NationalMemoDay

May 28  National Hamburger Day   #NationalHamburgerDay

May 29   Paperclip Day     #PaperclipDay

May 31   World No-Tobacco Day    #NoTobacco

Now I think you can see that these are mainly aligned to the US market, but that should not stop you using them and creating a blog post around them. And this is not the complete list for May as I have found 29 special events in my sources and more could probably be found if I dug deeper.

If you want to see the whole 2020 calendar of these hashtag holidays then go to one of these sites and click on the links there.



I’m currently looking for a UK/European version of the same thing for our local market and will post a link in the comments section later if I find anything.

Happy blogging

To your success


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