Well firstly, a little telling off for myself here!

Over two years ago I set myself a challenge, see https://davethomasonline.com/blog/my-60-day-challenge-to-myself/, to post blogs more regularly on my site and, to tell the truth, I failed miserably with only a couple being posted in the next two years.

I have now rejoined the Partnership To Success programme run by John Thornhill and have posted about every two days so things are looking up. I have also left a comment, or in some cases tried to leave one, on about 30 other partner’s blog which helps both of us. Them with a comment and me with a back link from their site.

So my new, revised and two years later plan is to post at least three blogs a week, to try and come to grips with video blogging and try to throw one of these in every week and to try and comment on other people’s blogs with a target of five visits a day.

One way to make sure this does happen, I need to set up some form of system where my efforts are measured by a fellow P2S member who acts as my “buddy” and lets me know when I am falling down on the task. It would also help if that P2S member also had some lofty goals and that I was making sure they was hitting their targets as well.

So if there is anyone who wants to set up this sort of buddy up process with me then I’d be happy to talk and set this up. Could you be the missing part of my jig saw?

To your success


    4 replies to "I Would Like Some Help Meeting My Short Term Goals"

    • David

      Hey Dave, I wish you the best with your goals. I should join you but at this point I find myself ignoring other thing one week and posting several times then then getting other things done the next week and not posting at all.

    • Richard Brown

      Hi Dave,

      You’re setting a great example and your focus and support is admirable. I must be more disciplined and blog more. It’s good for the soul!
      ‘Accountability Buddies’, are part of the DNA of many very successful entrepreneurs. I know Darren Hardy is a great believer.
      They get you to where you’re going quicker!

      To your success,


    • Andrew Blackburn

      Dave, I love what you wrote. As a newbie myself, I completely understand. I have some pretty lofty goals – funnily enough, some of my ID’s and usernames are loftyxxxx!
      So, I’d love to help you out, even if it’s just a little bit, cause being new, I’ve got the two anxieties; 1. traffic 2: subscribers/list
      So if it isn’t any trouble, let’s help each other out. You probably need more than just me.
      By the way, I love your site!
      *My site needs fixing which I’m working on today – takes ages to load
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    • James Sancimino

      Good post, Dave. Yes, this blog thing, personally, has been one of the hardest tasks for me to maintain, as I have so many other things in the Que, like creating that first product so John will approve and promote it! Best of luck.
      James Sancimino recently posted…16 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at HomeMy Profile

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