Nine Tips To Help You Be Succesful


I’m not guaranteeing that following the items on this list will make you a success, but the majority of people who are do these tasks each and every day, month and year. If it works for them, it should work for you, but adapt them to suit your personality and your work style. Make a…

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How to avoid the “shiny object” syndrome!

How to avoid the “shiny object” syndrome! Over the years, like me, you must have been tempted by the newest and brightest latest thing to hit the internet marketing marketplace which will make your life so much easier. It will be easier to install, require nothing more than two, or even one, click of the…

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Five Ways to Stop Information Overload

Five Ways to Stop Information Overload Like many people, I am interested in many topics and always wanting to have access to the latest information, but, like me, if you are following the giant topic that is Internet Marketing, there is so much flying around that you could soon drown under the vast ocean of…

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Ten Guilty Pleasures!


This is a second post that I have borrowed from Chris Brogan ( and his list of “100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write” so thanks to Chris and credit to him for the title. So what are my ten guilty pleasures and do I rank them in an order of priority or just as…

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Downtime – What Do I Do Offline To Recharge?


I was searching around for some inspiration for a topic to write about and found an interesting title in my search results of “100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write” This intrigued me so I clicked on the link and found myself looking at 100 titles for possible blog posts so I jumped in and…

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Success Is Like An Iceberg

I wrote previously about Internet Sites Are Like Swans and the same analogy applies to successful people as all most people see are their successes and do not always realise that there have been many failures in their past. The analogy of the iceberg where the majority is never seen can so apply to businesses…

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Book Review – The Go-Giver

In one of his first lessons on the Partnership To Success programme I recently joined, John Thornhill had us buy and read a small book entitled “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. As a voracious reader, I happily went along with the suggestion, looked on and made my purchase on Amazon and…

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All About Elevator Pitches

Not sure about how to give credit for this post, but I was reading my most recent “Costco Connection” magazine and read a book review that I found interesting as, although not related to on-line interaction, it covers that awkward moment when you want to actually tell your client what you do. I’m sure you’ve…

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Changing My Routine

Managing My Routine

As I’ve been working on the Partnership To Success programme, I have noticed that some days I accomplish a lot more than other although I seem to be working just as hard every day!I think it has something to do with my forward planning and the way I structure my day so I have been…

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16 Rules For Success In Business And Life

Was digging around for bloggers outside the P2S family and came upon this guy’s site. Bob Parsons founded and was, until recently, CEO of GoDaddy. He has a estimated net worth of $1.9 billion so what he says might be worth reading! Bob Parsons® 16 Rules for Success in Business and Life in General 1.…

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