Brexit – how will it affect us?


I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little fed up with the impending referendum on staying in or leaving the European Union as I don’t know which side to believe when they state the “facts” about the outcomes for us if we make the wrong decision. I know it is always very easy…

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Grumpy Old Man – A New Language

Grumpy Old Man - Tower of Babel

I’m not sure how much interaction you all have  with young children, 10 years and under, but thankfully I did my share a number of years ago so my involvement is small. But I do notice that the two boys down the hill from me do seem to communicate with each other and with their…

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Grumpy Old Man – Tattoos

Grumpy Old Man - Tattoos

WHY? I ask again, WHY? At our hotel pool on a sun bed next to Mrs Grumpy, I am fortunate (or maybe not) to see sights that are hardly seen back in old Blighty. Bodies, I suppose a bit like mine that have expanded in a number of places and should probably be hidden away…

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Grumpy Old Man – Summer Holidays

grumpy old man - ryanair

It was June and Mrs Grumpy thought it would be nice to get a week’s break in the sun. With her working in a school it meant we would be sharing our holiday with copious ankle biters and worse, crying babies, but a week all-inclusive in the Canaries turned my head. It couldn’t really be…

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Grumpy Old Man – Skips

Grumpy Old Man - Skips

I can understand the need for people to want to stay put in their house and refurbish or extend as that is a lot cheaper than moving and giving a huge sum to the tax man in the form of Stamp Duty, but something has to be done about the proliferation of skips when this…

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Grumpy Old Man – Early Morning Drivers

Grumpy Old Man – Early Morning Drivers Due to a large hole in my bank balance, and my wife’s constant complaints about me spending too much time at home, I made the big step back into the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) market and landed myself a short term contract at an aerospace company. By not…

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Grumpy Old Man – World Cup Musings

world cup

Grumpy Old Man – World Cup Musings Well, England did better than I actually thought, we got a point, but in the so-called group of death, how did Costa Rica do so much better than England, not only in the game against us, but in the tournament as a whole? Also, look at the German…

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Grumpy Old Man – Freedom Pass (Eventually!)

Grumpy Old Man – Freedom Pass (Eventually!) As I’m older than I look, well that is my impression anyway, the time has now passed when eventually I am entitled to my Freedom Pass giving me access to all Transport For London public transport services for free. This pass used to be an automatic when you…

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Grumpy Old Man – The Big Issue!

Big Issue

Now before you judge me on this post, I am not against the principles of the Big Issue as a means to help the more disadvantaged in our local communities, but more about what I see and read about the whole issue of the Big Issue these days. I’ll start with some history since the…

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Grumpy Old Man – Back On The Buses

Back to the buses

I wrote recently about the fun and games on my recent bus ride to the Spurs so you can imagine my impending joy that I had a return journey to look forward to once the game was over! I had a beer with a few friends after the game so delayed my journey and hoped…

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