It’s been a long time since my last GOM blog post so you would suppose I would have a long lists of new gripes about which I want to moan and get some pleasure from my post, but there is much good with my life at present.

Mind you saying all this, there is one thing that consistently gets my goat and that is the way people wear full back packs and then act as if there is nothing behind them when they are in queues or walking along!

They seem totally oblivious to the huge lump protruding behind them when they turn to the left or right and knock everybody with a few feet of them and then look at you as if it is your fault when you moan at them!

For example, I was in a queue leaving Wembley Stadium and we had been halted to avoid crowding on the station steps. The guy in front of me was carrying his large back pack, but then decided to swing it up onto his back. He took a large swing to throw it up and over his shoulder and it crashed into me as I was standing where he wanted his pack to be. He did not look around, but just took and even bigger swing which clattered the guy standing next to me.

Totally unconcerned as to why the pack was still not on his shoulder, he set himself for an even bigger swing and both myself and the other person who had been hit gave it a huge shove back in the direction it had come nearly knocking the guy to the floor.

He turned round and was about to give us a piece of his mind (no matter how small) when the second guy got in first and told him what he thought of him in no uncertain Anglo-Saxon language and that if he tried to do it again, he’d lose his bag as he’d place it where the sun didn’t shine!

Before this could go any further, the queue started to move and I lost track of both of them in the crush so not sure if there were any further repercussions.

Why don’t people just wear their back packs in front of them as then they can see where they are so they are considerate and they are not invading other people’s space with their personal baggage! But why do that when they can be a total pain in teh backside to others?

I have my own back pack and endeavour to ensure it is not an issue for others and always take a quick look around when I put it on or take it off, I just wish others did the same!

Do you have a back pack and do you take care when wearing it? I’d love to know what you think so please leave a comment below!

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