I posted a while ago about the hashtag calendar (https://davethomasonline.com/blog/creating-relevancy-with-your-blog-posts/) and made a pledge to myself to try and write a couple of posts a month utilising the various opportunities thrown up by these calendars, but have failed miserably to meet this so have come upon one of my favourite things to do when sitting down and that is to read a book.

Read A Book day is shown as being celebrated on the 6th September so I would expect that any High Street retailer would be publicising this fact to try and drum up business for their shops, but on walking round my local town over the bank holiday weekend, there was nothing. I even asked in one of the large chains if they were doing anything for the day and they looked at me dumbstruck.

I read books in a number of different ways, probably like many of you, as both eBooks on my Kindle reader and as Audible versions on my phone, but my favourite way is to have a physical copy in my hand. I appreciate that the Kindle and Audible are great for holidays as there is no issue with weight allowances, but in the comfort of my own home, I will strive for a hard copy version.

There are arguments to say that the online/eBook market is declining against real book sales, but then you have to look at who is probably the biggest retailer of physical books and it is probably Amazon worldwide so the High Street shops are declining.

So why don’t we all try and get to our local book shop on Thursday and buy a physical book and tell the owner that, as it is Read A Book day, we are supporting our local bookseller.

Let me know what you have bought then try and get your friends and family to do the same and make this a really great Read A Book Day.

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