With the North American countries being the biggest consumer of Maple Syrup and the biggest consumer of the same, it is no surprise that the people behind selling the products came up with a National day to promote their wares.

So every year, on 17th December, this memorable sweet delight is celebrated in both the United States and Canada where copious quantities of the amber nectar are poured over piles of pancakes and into depressions in every waffle!

Canada, and in the main, Quebec is the biggest producer of maple syrup generating around 70% of the world’s supply with even countries like Japan and South Korea both starting their own production centres.

Maple syrup comes in four main colour typres ranging from golden through to dark brown each with their own distinct flavour and are used across so many different areas of cooking from barbeques through to eggs!

I personally love maple syrup over vanilla ice cream so how do you have yours? Let me know in the comments below and we can all slaver over all the uses!

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