Product Review – Slideshare

Slideshare is a gift

According to Wikipedia, it is a Web 2.0 based slide sharing service and allows the sharing of not only slide shows, but also pdf’s, documents, videos and webinars. There is also the ability to join Groups of like-minded individuals and share information. Users can also download or embed other people’s Slideshare presentations into their own…

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Why Use Social Media?

Social Media

Some old school Internet Marketers are still wary of the impact of the social media networks and still focus their marketing on the ways that have always worked for them, but many are now realising that these networks are creating phenomenal business for others and moving some of their focus across to Facebook and Twitter.…

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Five Tips To Building Your Twitter Presence

Along with Facebook, Twitter is the predominant social media sharing site on the Internet so it is vitally important to have a presence on there if you want to be successful with your internet business. I have listed five tips below which should help to build your presence and get you more followers. Use Your…

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5 Tips To Creating A Winning Facebook Presence

As Social Media is fast becoming the most vibrant traffic producing opportunity for internet marketing so it is vitally important that we create a Facebook presence that engages our readers at first glance. So here are some tips to assist you in shaping your on-line Facebook property. Interact with your readers Where many people go…

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