Slideshare is a gift

According to Wikipedia, it is a Web 2.0 based slide sharing service and allows the sharing of not only slide shows, but also pdf’s, documents, videos and webinars. There is also the ability to join Groups of like-minded individuals and share information. Users can also download or embed other people’s Slideshare presentations into their own blogs and website.

It was originally designed as a platform for businesses and business owners to share information, but, like all things, has now become a more generally based platform on which individuals can share their presentations and information on any topic.

I like Slideshare as it does allow you, as it says, to put various presentations on there and share them via your website or your various social media outlets. I am aiming to try and upload one presentation a week onto there and will show these on all my social media links. See my recent submission to there by clicking the link below

This was only added about recently and after about 12 hours already had 7 views. Not great, but possibly 7 people who might go to my blog from the links and see what else I have been writing!

So do you have to produce new and unique documents for Slideshare?

Well what I have tended to do in the past was to generate my notes for an article in the form of bullet points and, once the article was written, discard the document with the bullet points, but what I am trying to do now is to put those bullet points into a PowerPoint presentation with a few notes and submit that to Slideshare. This gives me two articles for really the price of one and both of these will give me some back links, again a strong reason for doubling the repeated use of a document.

I have also, in some cases, taken this PowerPoint presentation and added a voice-over and submitted it as a video to YouTube so another strong back link possibility and another outlet for your web site or blog.

I appreciate that this is a short blog, but just wanted to share this addition facility with you as I believe it can be utilised to increase you presence on the Internet, but would not generate new documents for the platform, just reuse existing ones, but in PowerPoint formats.

Have a look at Slideshare and let me know what you think of it?

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    • Torsten Müller

      Hi Dave,

      just recently I also converted a portion of one of my posts into a shprt powerpoint presentation and uploaded it to slidehsare. It is a nice and easy to use way to recycle some content for use with an additional audience.
      If you want to have a look, you can find it here:

      I didn’t go the youtube way yet, but this next step is planned as well.

      By the way, within the slideshare presentation you can have a link back to your resources. Thought you might want to know and probably re-upload yours.


    • James Woodfield

      Hi, Dave

      Thanks for an interesting article. Slideshare seems to have possibilities I hadn’t considered, including video apparently (?). I like your ideas regarding re-purposing. It’s eminently sensible to make the most of the work we do.

      Wishing you success,


      • DaveThomas


        Reusing your posts in different formats is a great use of your time. Even recycling webinars as transcripts or MP3 files gets you three products from one!

        Thanks for the comment


    • Graham Lawler

      many thanks for this, it was total news tome. I had never heard of slideshare. I think this has the potential to be a good marketing tool and certainly can help leave a digital trail back to one’s own website/blog.
      thanks again

      • DaveThomas


        I’m glad I could be of help!


    • Dave Thomas

      Hi Torsten

      No I did not know that so I’ll have to nip back there and find the place and learn how to do it.

      Many thanks


    • Pauline

      Hi Dave,
      I also have never heard of this product. I shall have to give it a look. Although at the moment it is all I can do to stay on course with Partner to Success.

      Thank you for an interesting post.


      • DaveThomas


        Know what you mean, but each day I’m trying to do a little each day to move myself and my site forward!

        Not sure how great Slideshare is overall, but every avenue is worth trying. My aim is to post one presentation a week on there from last week based around my blog posts!

        All the best


    • Paul Wallace

      Hi Dave,

      Your post has got me thinking bud! I have used Slideshare before when preparing lessons for work, as it can save you time, I also use but like you not sure how this would work but maybe worth a look.

      Kind Regards

      Paul Wallace

      • DaveThomas


        There are so many places where you can try and post articles, blogs and comments, I’m finding it is hard to decide what to do for the best so am sticking with the group commenting circle to support the rest of the P2S “family”. Not sure if you saw my post on Facebook, but I found 370 blogging sites where comments can be placed as well as blogs, but finding the time is difficult!

        Seems to me that the use of a VA from the Philippines would be worth the cost for putting your blog name out there, but once you have the money to afford it. That seems the obvious solution!

        Thanks for the comment


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