As someone who has been following the author, Paul O’Mahony, for a while now and utilising his techniques for Social Media marketing, the launch of his long awaited book was filled with anticipation and I was not let down!

I think to use a portion of a review from John Assaraf sums up the overall context of the contents of the book! “Paul has magically crystallized his learnings from generating millions of dollars from Social Media from the past number of years into one book!” This is praise indeed and I have to agree with John’s summation of the book.

Paul has developed a seven stage model using the acronym RE-THINK in which he clearly and simply explains the “magic” formula he has utilised to create his sizeable income and which is the same principles with which he mentors his students.

There is a chapter on each letter of the acronym with simple to follow instructions to assist you to get started if you are a newbie, but also tips for the more experienced marketer to grow their business in a more controlled and effective manner. As someone who is genuinely just starting out in the affiliate marketing arena, this book will give me a leg up and allow me to build my business quicker, smarter and cheaper for which I am very glad and thankful.

So if you are in the same situation as me, just starting or thinking about starting an on-line business, you could do no better than get a copy, read and absorb the contents then start your business. But if you are already running a business, be it on-line or off-line, there is much in this book that will help you grow and develop your businesses further!

So to quote the tag line from the book “Stop wasting Time. Start earning money.”

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