Social MediaSome old school Internet Marketers are still wary of the impact of the social media networks and still focus their marketing on the ways that have always worked for them, but many are now realising that these networks are creating phenomenal business for others and moving some of their focus across to Facebook and Twitter.

I have listed a number of reasons below why I think that social media should be part of your overall internet marketing campaigns, but it is not the be all that some people, especially those with Twitter and Facebook products to sell!

Becoming An Expert

By having a visibility on places like Facebook and Twitter and by posting regular quality updates on focussed topics relating to your niche, you can soon gain a reputation as an expert in your chosen fields. People will start following you and retweet your tweets or repost your Facebook posts further increasing your following and your reputation as an expert.

Increase Your Visibility

By people retweeting you posts or reposting your Facebook comments, you become more visible to people in your selected niche, or niches and you gain more visibility by engaging with your followers on a regular basis. Even simple things like sending a quote relating to your topic or resubmitting another person’s related posting will increase your social media presence.

Meet Other Influencers In Your Niche

By relating to other influential people in your niche on social media platforms, you become friends with these people and if your customers are also looking at these same people then you can show your own authority in the topic by this association.

Use For Product Development

If you are looking to develop a new product in your niche, you can use your social media account to see what your followers, and possible customers, think of your ideas. You might get some feedback on areas that you had not considered or they might tell you that it is not something they want.

Use For Product Advertising

Once you have developed a product that has the blessing of your followers, you can use your social media links to inform these people that the product is available for sale. If they trust you then they will let others know by retweeting or reposting your sales link. This is where the power of social media can show itself as a financial impact on your on-line business

Building Trust

People will buy from people they trust so by being on these social media sites can help you develop this trust and therefore make product sales much easier. If they already trust you then they will need less convincing. They follow your posts, they have a relationship with you and by having this relationship builds the trust and make the sales process much quicker!

So how do you use social media?

    4 replies to "Why Use Social Media?"

    • Loraine

      Hi Dave

      You are spot on with your reasons to use Social Media.

      I was first introduced to Social Media when I was employed in Local Government in 2007, at that time some of the younger office staff were talking about Facebook. Personally at the time I could not understand why they were wanting to communicate with each other via this network, I thought the whole thing was a waste of time.

      However, a few months down the line and after I left my employers to work full time in my own business I started to take more notice.

      Now of course I’ve learnt a great deal more about Social Media and have even paid for training courses to help me understand it, so naturally as a small business owner I have created profiles and pages on various platforms to help promote and network with other like mind people.


      • DaveThomas


        Thanks for the comment

        I have messed about on Facebook for years, usually playing games and stuff whilst keeping in touch with family and Facebook “friends”, but I can see there is a business benefit if done correctly and am striving to set time for that at the moment


    • Kim

      Hi Dave

      I’m one of those old fashioned marketer’s who are only just starting to realize the importance of social media for marketing. I’m about to start researching FB ads and public audience to forward my business.


      • DaveThomas


        I used Facebook Ads to sign people up for a webinar on property development I was running. Worked OK, but you must set a limit and drill down to get your right audience. Can be expensive if you get this wrong!

        I am thinking of doing something with Facebook Ads as a simple product later, but not my first

        I’m happy to help if you need some advice from my small amount of exposure to it!

        Thanks for the read ad the comment


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