Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past 30+ years, you will know that tomorrow (Friday) is known all around the world as Star Wars day because of the corruption of the most used phrase in the entire film franchise.

But are you aware that May 26th 2018 is GDPR Compliance day and if you collect, retain and use e-mail addresses then you need to be compliant by then.

I just thought that my current, very simple thank you message and my statement that I would respect their privacy would be sufficient, but the new EU regulations are more rigorous than that!

In my normal state of panic about everything new that affects my on-line business, I did some research and found lots people selling trainings on how they thought you could become compliant, but the majority of them did not appear to have much genuine legal grounding (and also seemed very expensive!)

Luckily, in time, I found a lawyer, Helena Wooton, based in the UK who specialise in these types of compliance issues and thankfully they were able to supply me with all the required information and templates to get me compliant.


As my needs were relatively simple, their basic package was sufficient for me, but they are able to give you one on one sessions to discuss your particular needs and help you move forward.

So I would recommend that if you have done nothing yet as regards your own GDPR compliance then I would recommend a look at their course and use the information contained therein to make you safe. The penalties for non-compliance can consist of fines and also they can take away your list in the case of the worst offenders.


I’d be interested to know if you grab this excellent training so let me know below in the comments section or if you have used a different supplier for your own sites.

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