I was re-reading my two previous blog posts on writing a winning sales letter and realised I’d missed off a few of the important points so I am putting things right in this third part of my two part series ( I hope that makes sense?). The three things I missed prevously are listed below.

Your Signature

Most people like to know that there is a real person selling the product and so they are looking for some proof of life, so to speak,and one way of doing that is to have your signature at the end of your sales letter.

Yes, you could add a signature using one of the fancy type faces available in Word, but nothing looks better than a “real” signature that shows a real person behind it. It is easy to sign and then scan this into your computer as this makes it a more “personal” signature. But if the final result looks rough then maybe get someone with decent handwriting to write your signature and use that!

Post Script (PS)

This can sometimes be the most read part of any sales letter as many people will browse through the document and stop at the end and pick up the essentials there so adding a PS to capture the salient points can be vitally important.

This PS should not be too long, maybe three to five sentences, but should reinforce the offer, the terms of the offer and the way to pay as some people will, as I said, read the start and then go right to the end so you need to show them the important details here so they will buy your product!

Post Script Samples (PSS)

In this final part of the sales letter, you reinforce the urgency message that you included earlier in your document so that they realise that this is their final call to action and that they will miss out on the beast deal if they delay!

If you missed the first two parts of this set of posts then you can access them by hitting either of the two links below:

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I hope that this now has shown you the full make up of a winning sales letter and I hope that you can use the information contained n my blog posts to write and improve your own sales letters. Please let me know below in the Comments section!


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    • Kim

      I can remember someone telling me once that though its a great idea to put a siggy at the bottom of your sales letter (or anything else you do online), it should never be the one you use normally as it could be scanned etc and used for nefarious purposes
      Kim recently posted…Why are you making it so hard for me to comment on your blog…My Profile

      • DaveThomas

        A good point raised there Kim

        I suppose that your own normal signature should be avoided if that is something which worries you, so probably, in your case, sign it with your full name if you only use your initial normally or vice versa. This will ensure that the scenario you mention is avoided.

        These people will always find a way to “get” you if they’ve set their mind to it so this is probably a good idea to reduce their chances


    • Rose Schwarz

      I tend to agree with Kim, however some kind of signature does leave a personal touch I think.

      The PS part makes sense – I find that I tend to read those in sales letters.

      Thanks for the help in regard to writing sales letters Dave.

      All the best, Rose
      Rose Schwarz recently posted…Three Very Important Words for NewbiesMy Profile

      • DaveThomas


        Thanks for the comment

        See my reply to Kim regarding the signature issue.

        Like you, I tend to like to read the PS and PPS sections so adding important points in there is good for anyone trying to sell to me.


    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Dave,

      With regards to having a signature at the bottom of the sales letter, I noticed that with some marketers, they also put a photograph of themselves as well to make potential customers more likely to buy, because as you’re probably aware, when you can put a face to something, it create a perception of added security and it helps to break down the skeptical barriers.

      Hope you are progressing well with the course and have you decided what niche or product you will be creating?

      Kind regards
      Sky Nealon recently posted…P2S – Week 12 – Visualising IdeasMy Profile

      • DaveThomas


        Something related to blogging I think. Spending tine trying to get my head around the product development using mind maps and researching. Short of cash at the moment so the graphics and buying anything else is bit outside my range at present, but possibly delaying my product launch might give me less opposition from my peer group 🙂

        Hope you’re on track and always happy to help in proof reading or testing for you!

        To your success


    • Romi

      Hey Dave,

      Just like what the others have said, I too agree the PS is one of the most read part of an email, be it a sales email or an ordinary email from friends.

      Especially on sales email, we oftentimes know in a way the gist of the mail is mostly located on the last portion of it.

      Romi recently posted…Try To Stand Out In Your MarketingMy Profile

      • DaveThomas


        Thanks for the comment.

        Yes, many people do use these end parts of the sales letter to reinforce their offers and we should all take note when preparing our own.

        To your success


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