Sales LetterSome people will spend thousands of pounds on hiring a professional copywriter to create the ideal sales letter for their product and good luck to them if they can afford the expenditure. But sometimes you are the best placed as you know the product inside out and, by following these simple steps, you can produce your own winning sales letter.

Get Prepared

Before starting make sure you know who will be buying your product and also research, and know, your competing products

Know Your Product Inside Out

Make sure you do know everything about your product and that you know all the features and all the benefits that can be achieved by using your product. I know this might seem stupid, but some people forget, or do not realise, all the features of their product

Outline all of the features of the product, but draw in the clients by showing them the benefit of each of the listed features.

Make An Offer They Can’t Refuse

Basically here you need to show them all the perceived value in your product for them and how little the risk is to them in buying it!

Generate Headlines That Sell

This is a vitally important stage and can be a make or break for your sales letter. I have written previously, That Is Unbelievable outlining the need to catch readers attention which might be worth referring to as you read this post.

At this stage, create as many headlines as you can, analyse them and then choose the winner. Do not throw away the also-rans as you can use the best of them as internal sub-headings or recycle them for another product so save them in a simple swipe file on your hard drive.

Excite Your Reader

Make the content so exciting that the reader does not want to stop and keeps going to teh end of the sales letter and buys your product offering.

I’ve seen a statistic that says of you can get your reader up to the first 350 words of your sales letter then they will, in the main, read through to the end. So that is your first goal! Make the first 350/400 words so exciting, interesting, compelling, beneficial that the reader must read right through to the end!

Well these are my first five tips, as I see them, in creating a winning sales letter. I’ll be giving you the rest of my thoughts in another post shortly so watch out for that.

How do you create your sales letters? Are you happy with your efforts or would you prefer to pay a professional? Let me know below, but I hope this post will give you some assistance in writing your own winning sales letters!

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    • Rose Schwarz

      I have not created a sales letter yet, but these tips are very helpful.

      I have not studied this yet, but thought sub-conciously that I would not be capable of creating a good sales letter. This post has been encouraging to me, and I like the point you make that the creator of the product is the best choice for writing the sales letter. This makes perfect sense.

      We can interject our personality, and excitement for the product into the sales letter which, in turn, should reach out to their emotions.

      Thanks for a great post Dave! Regards, Rose

      • DaveThomas


        I believe that if you can produce your own sales letter, but get it reviewed by experts, possibly Randy, then you will get the best of both worlds.

        I’ve had a go with some in the past and fell they are just as good as the ones I’ve seen professionally produced (IMHO!)

        All the best with the programme


    • Sky Nealon

      Hi Dave,

      Some really great tips you have mentioned here and personally though depending on the product and what types of sales results of achieving, I would probably write my own sales letter and then get someone else to critique it, that way you’d get the best of both worlds. Having written a few sales letters of my own for my own offline product and auction ads, I find that the traditional “harpoon” style sales letter are good, but with the trend now focusing on social proof, social networking, branding yourself etc… sales letters have started to become more of a “net” style i.e. you have to weave personal details and story to get prospects to know, like and build their trust with you before purchasing. Also, if you can build in affirmation where throughout the sales letters, the prospect can say “yes” many times to relatable scenarios, ideas, then it increase the chances of a sale, hence the numerous “call to action” that one will see. Just some things I have noticed.

      Keep up the great posts Dave,

      Kind regards

      • DaveThomas

        Thanks Sky for the comments

        There is so much to try and learn about sales letters and I’m hoping John will throw us some winning tit bits of information on the course.

        I’m also hoping that we can get our sales letters critiqued by Randy as he is the “staff” copywriter!


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