I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little fed up with the impending referendum on staying in or leaving the European Union as I don’t know which side to believe when they state the “facts” about the outcomes for us if we make the wrong decision.

I know it is always very easy to tell when a politician is lying as his lips move, but we have the great and glorious from all types of organisations and business leaders seeming to state the same dire circumstances and wonderful benefits for both options.

I’m not trying to use my blog here for political purposes, but who are you meant to believe as they all seem to have their own personal agendas.

Not sure how many of you were old enough when we were asked to vote in the last referendum in 1975 with regard to joining the Common Market (as it was back then) and there was talk of impending doom and financial ruin if we joined/didn’t join at that time. I can’t recall anything like that happening at the time although we have had a hell of a ride over the past six or so years, but they can’t blame the EU for that as it is a world wide issue.

So which way to vote?

If I’m overly concerned about the shape of my bananas then I would instantly vote to leave, but if I want greater access to a local marketplace for business and staff then I would vote to stay.

I think the political processes are pushing us to stay as we no longer have the captive market of the Commonwealth to fall back on (if we ever did in reality!). They have made their own way since we joined and we have to so as well.

I suppose this really should go into my series of Grumpy Old Man as it is me sort of moaning, but I think this is a serious matter and not frivolous like the stuff I post in there!

I don’t think that I will actually make my mind up until I am about to put the tick in the box. Mind you on voting day, I’m going to be in my Florida apartment catching the sun so that reminds me, find out about a postal vote.

Would be interested to hear your opinions of the whole Brexit question so please let me know below.

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