Tweeter 1Along with Facebook, Twitter is the predominant social media sharing site on the Internet so it is vitally important to have a presence on there if you want to be successful with your internet business. I have listed five tips below which should help to build your presence and get you more followers.

Use Your Facebook Account

Assuming you already have a Facebook account then you should share your Twitter account details on there in some of your posts so that your friends on Facebook can also become your followers on Twitter.

Similarly if you have any other social media accounts such as StumbleUpon then again you should use that to link your accounts and get cross-linking between all your social media accounts as someone who is a friend on Facebook is very likely to follow you on Twitter or any of the other social media accounts.

Interact With Your Followers

As with any form of social contact like social media or a blog, the secret to success is to create an interaction with the people reading your writings. And the best way to do this is to tweet (as sending a message on Twitter is called) as if you’re having a conversation with all of them!

As I wrote before in my tips to increase your Facebook presence,, using things like quizzes also works on Twitter and the bonus of Twitter is that you might get retweeted by your followers so even more people get to see your Twitter profile.

Choose The Best Time To Tweet

When you begin, you will tend to post when it suits your timetable, but as your followers grow then you should try and post at the times when the majority of your followers are on line. There are tools available to find out this information and you should use this to schedule your posts.

If they are on line when you are posting and the information is of quality, see point below, then there is a great chance that they will retweet your post to their friends and followers further increasing the spread of your profile.

Tweet Regularly

It is important that you tweet often on your profile, but only information that your followers will find interesting. Too many people tweet inconsequential rubbish like what they’re having for lunch, etc , but in a business environment, you need to make sure that you’re keeping to the point.

You can have some items of personal information on there to break up the info and to engage your followers, but be careful how private stuff is posted.

You also need to allow time between your tweets to allow engagement with your followers as too many in too short a time will not allow time for replies and the interaction you require.

Provide Great Value

As always to keep people interested in your writing and to make sure they come back again, you need to both make your writing entertaining and to provide great value in everything you write. By providing great value you will assure they your followers remain reading your tweets and also that they will retweet them to their friends further increasing your readership and spreading your profile which is what you ultimately want

Well in keeping with my points above, my Twitter name is @DaveTOnline and I’d love to connect with you if you have an account.

    2 replies to "Five Tips To Building Your Twitter Presence"

    • Pauline

      Hi Dave,

      A very interesting and thought provoking post.

      I have indeed signed up to 4 social media platforms, but I have not really got involved with them yet. I think they can be a bit overpowering and intimidating when you are unsure of how to use them.

      I am happy with Facebook and the different groups I can join. But as yet have not used it for business purposes. I think this is the first one I should learn about and then move on.

      What do you think Dave? Is there a special way to use Face Book for business purposes?

      Take care

      • DaveThomas


        Thanks for the comment and putting me on the spot!

        I have a Twitter account on which I’m trying to get interested in posting and have created my Facebook page for my on-line presence which also needs more posts so I am starting to look at the various ways of automating posting. I have a LinkedIn account on which nothing has been done so I am probably in the same boat as you.

        I already have a Buffer account which allows you to post to three social media platforms, but that is currently linked to my property business and can’t work out how to link or change the link to my on-line business accounts.

        When I find enough time I’m thinking of looking at HootSuite which allows you to post to both Twitter and Facebook, but schedule your posts up to 30 days in advance as far as I can tell so maybe sit down one Sunday afternoon and do the whole month in one sitting!

        So sorry Pauline, I know the theory, but have not yet put it into practice, but keep an eye out in case I post some new messages announcing things on these social media sites.


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