SEO – White Hat Or Black Hat


When I started in this Internet Marketing business about ten years ago, there were a number of things that confused me and one of them were the expressions White Hat and Black Hat SEO so I started to look into them as a part of my learning about the subject. I soon found that there…

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Three Steps To Creating A Successful Call To Action!

Three Steps To Creating A Successful Call To Action! Once you have attracted someone to your web site and have managed to get them interested in your article or squeeze page, then don’t let them get away. And the best way to keep them is to create a simple “CALL TO ACTION” so that they…

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Five Top Tips For Squeeze Pages

Address book

To begin and sustain any on-line business, you need to create your list of subscribers and this is achieved by having a squeeze page as the place people first arrive when they come to your site so what do we need to do to capture their details and add them to your list? Add An…

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What Exactly Is SEO?


By definition, SEO is Search Engine Optimization which explains pretty clearly what you are trying to do with the techniques as by improving the visibility of your site to the various search engines out there, will increase your overall ranking in the list. The closer you are to the top of page 1, the person…

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That Is Unbelievable?

Sorry for the choice of headline for this blog, but I was trying to catch your attention very quickly which is what we all want to do with our posts, our articles and our sales pages. I’m sure you all receive e-mails and look at blogs and the first thing that catches your eye is…

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Backlinks – What Are They And Why Are They Valuable?

The technical definition of a backlink is a link received by one web node from another wed node where a web node is a web page, directory, another domain, etc. Backlinks were once used for web navigation, but are now important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). They become important when they are used by search…

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