Three Steps To Creating A Successful Call To Action!

Once you have attracted someone to your web site and have managed to get them interested in your article or squeeze page, then don’t let them get away. And the best way to keep them is to create a simple “CALL TO ACTION” so that they do what you require and become a subscriber to your site and join your list.

Now this can be done in a number of ways, but the following three steps will assist you in grabbing their attention and getting them signed up!

Firstly, you will need to ascertain what you want your readers to do long before you have even put the page out there for them. If you are running a newsletter then you will tell them to “Sign up for my newsletter!” Similarly if you are only looking for them to go to your blog and add comments then tell them either to “Go to my blog for more information/articles like this one” or “Add a comment”

But if you are looking for them to buy something, be honest and tell them outright to “Buy my product/e-book/service” although this might be viewed as a hard sell for a first call to action and might not be that effective initially. This can come a bit later once they have built up a relationship with you and you can then instruct them to become a purchaser! But if they have landed on your sales page then the call to action is “Buy Me”

Secondly, tell them exactly what they are expected to do and where they need to do it. So the best way to tell them is to be very clear and point them in the exact direction of the sign up button, or the purchase button. It also helps if the action you want them to take is also clearly shown on the action button and with the tools available now on blogs, that is a very easy task.

Do not be wishy-washy with what you want them to do and definitely do not beat about the bush! The statement must be positive and specific so that they are left in no mind what they are supposed to do. If you leave it open then they will probably walk away and you might never see them again. Phrases like “If you like this, why not see other articles on my blog?” do not tell them what to do and you will lose the reader!

Finally, only have one call to action on each page as if there is a choice then they might end up confused and clicking on none of them. This is not to say that you don’t have multiple chances for them to click and join your subscribers, but that they are all the same call to action.

Do not have one for joining your newsletter, one for buying your e-book and a third for joining your blog all on the same page as they might not know what they want and it is your job to give them the one option that is what you want them to do! With too much choice they might just do nothing and you might lose them!

So to practice what I preach, thank you for reading my article and add a comment below as I read and respond to all comments, good or bad, and welcome your interaction. I appreciate that you have taken both the time to read, think about and then comment on my musings so feel that I should give something back.

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