In an effort to make some progress with my fledgling, but stuttering internet marketing career, I’m looking to set myself a 60 day challenge to move things forward. So to that end I’m intending to start posting more blogs on here and even creating some video blogs of my own so I would welcome all your support in keeping me on track!

I had a thought when I first started the journey with John of creating a series of training videos under the pseudonym of the Walkthrough Wizard for beginners in Internet Marketing. These would be on a variety of topics and would include Traffic, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, etc., but my first offering was going to be a WordPress setting up video series.

I have the recommended mind mapping software for my IPad and started to plan out the various steps of the videos with a view to opening the plans up to John at a later date, but work and other things have got in the way, as usual.

I was also a half decent blogger, or liked to think I was, and tried to keep posting at regular intervals, but that has suffered as well with them coming less frequently so that is another area in which I am going to improve. I’m aiming to write at least a blog a week from now on with a view to keeping this topic updated as well.

I will try and alternate posts about internet marketing, or at least my slant on it, with some of my, hopefully, humourous Grumpy Old Man ramblings. I’d ask, if I post and you like, or dislike, the content, that you add a comment or two to the posting and allow me to respond back.

If anyone has any comment at all on my Grumpy old Man blogs, would welcome feedback as I’m looking to turn them into a Kindle book ready in time for Christmas this year (2018) so your responses will help me decide if the effort is worthwhile!

To your personal success and please add a comment even if it is “Rubbish” below as any publicity is good publicity!

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