I can’t remember where I was (not a great line with which to open an article), but there was a talk being given by a young lady, whose name escapes me, about how she and her business partner maximise their content creation in a number of different ways and on different vehicles.

They tended to create two significant sized articles each week and then use these articles in a myriad of different ways to achieve a magnificent landscape of content just using these same two articles.

The list included, but should not be restricted to, the following options:

  1. The two articles were, of course, included on their blog
  2. They could then also be used in their regular web sites.
  3. If suitable, they could be added to an e-mail sequence to attract new customers
  4. Each article would be the basis of a Facebook post: placed on each individual account and on the joint/business account
  5. They would also be used as a tweet on their Twitter accounts: placed on each of their individual accounts and also on their joint/business account.
  6. And this could also be done for LinkedIn in three separate places.
  7. Even use then on any other viable social media platform such as Reddit

So we have about 17 possible virtual real estate opportunities here, but there are more possibilities as below:

  • Use these as podcast episodes. And if you don’t have one now, once these are in place, you will have sufficient material to start one!
  • Record a 20-25 minute video when you are making the podcast and, if you can break it up into sensible, manageable chunks, each of these could be posted as separate 3-5 minute videos on You Tube with each having its own keyword rich title, plus the whole video as one watch. So getting around 6-8 videos out of one session.
  • If you decide to focus on one topic for each month, once all of these avenues have been explored and completed, you could pull the eight pieces of content together as a special topic focused and free report to be used away as an ethical bribe to entice even more visitors and sign ups.
  • This special report could then be added to your membership site as an additional bonus for your members.
  • Then regularly, especially if you are focusing on monthly topics, you could, say, every three months, put these up as an e-book on Kindle with an appropriate title and a low price, even free to encourage take up, but where the main criteria is to get more people to visit your blog and sign up to your list.
  • Finally, you can then, say annually, when you should have around 96 articles or 12 reports, wrap these together as a Vault product and look to sell these on to people who visited your site, but did not buy anything from you.

So another series of opportunities for you to get your name and content out there for people to begin to Know, Like, Trust  and become a subscriber of yours.

Now I know this seems like a lot of work, but much of this could be done by outsourcers once the initial work has been done in writing the articles or even some automation might be able to be done with certain aspects. Overall though the end result will give you an impressive online presence.

To your success



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