As Social Media is fast becoming the most vibrant traffic producing opportunity for internet marketing so it is vitally important that we create a Facebook presence that engages our readers at first glance. So here are some tips to assist you in shaping your on-line Facebook property.

Interact with your readers

Where many people go wrong on Facebook is to just post and post without seeing if their readers either want to comment on any post and if their readers expect a response to their comments. If you are too busy just posting without reviewing what is happening on your site, soon you will be the only person looking at it. Get interested in what your readers say and even want and try to work with them to make the site better for everybody

Pose questions

One way to get an interaction with your readers is to actually ask them questions about what they would like to see or read about on your site. If it is more on what your page about then find new avenues to explore and keep asking for feedback and posing more questions.

If they ask for clips of fluffy kittens then they are not necessarily the people you want on your site unless it is about fluffy kittens!

Getting Personal (comment on current affairs as well)

If your page allows, you can try to get more personal with your readers asking them about what they did, if they’ve read any good books or if they’ve seen the latest films or plays. This can elicit responses and interest with your readers especially if you then comment back on what they’ve written to create a dialogue with them.

Host Quizzes and/or Polls

Another way to create interest and to spread the news about your site is to have a quiz or a contest with a decent prize at the end of it. Recently saw a site about VW Camper Vans and they were running a quiz and the prize was a toaster that actually burnt the letters VW into the piece of toast. A unique prize and got the site a lot of likes and new readers. Consider doing something with a free IM course or product, maybe an affiliate product you sponsor, and give it to the winner of the contest

Post good quality content

No matter what else you do on your Facebook account, the presence of good quality content which is original to you will always attract and retain readers. Keep writing short interesting posts, add videos you find interesting and comment on them to make the post original (and that is not “How Cute?”) and even link to others who you think have something worthwhile for your readers. People want to be educated and entertained and this can easily be achieved with a good Facebook page and presence.

In all of the tips I’ve shown, one thing stands out, the need for interaction with the readers as Facebook is more like an electronic conversation and by running your site in the same way, you can achieve a sizeable readership and these can be transferred across to your list by using various techniques. They can then be turned into buyers for suitable products either off your Facebook page or through your website.

Anyone have anything else to add about creating a winning Facebook presence as I’d love to know your thoughts below?

    4 replies to "5 Tips To Creating A Winning Facebook Presence"

    • Glen Dahilan

      Hi Dave,

      You just have nailed some important factors for having a successful facebook marketing campaign. Wishing you more success on this!

      Cheers! 😉

      • DaveThomas

        Many thanks Glen

    • […] I wrote before in my tips to increase your Facebook presence,, using things like quizzes also works on Twitter and the bonus of Twitter is that you might get […]

    • Allan Robinson

      Hi Dave

      Facebook marketing is something I find extremely interesting and at the moment doing quite a bit of research. Your overview of suggestions is very helpful, as I am not only looking at providing links to my information products website but I actually have a consummable product for “joe public”. ( in case you are interested.
      However back to FB and I hope you might find the attached booklet of interest.Can’t attach but will send a PM.
      Good luck with the P2S programme.
      Best regards

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