Managing My RoutineAs I’ve been working on the Partnership To Success programme, I have noticed that some days I accomplish a lot more than other although I seem to be working just as hard every day!I think it has something to do with my forward planning and the way I structure my day so I have been considering different ways to make each day as productive as the previous and the next.

To that end, I’ve been reading a number of blog posts from different members of the programme and seeing how others manage their time to maximise their days and I have come up with my own version to give me the best working environment. I am working on trying to stick to this schedule for the next few weeks until I fly off to my holiday apartment in Florida for a well earned rest for my wife in the school half term.

I’ve noticed some people allocate certain times each day for certain tasks, but I find this a little constrictive for my working schedule especially, as  currently a house husband until I can get my next contract job, I have certain household chores to include in my work schedule. Tesco shopping on Thursday mornings, cleaning on Friday mornings and, of course, Orange Wednesday at the cinema on guess when!

So I am setting myself a time period for a number of tasks, but allowing these to be carried out at any time of the day to work around the previously mentioned tasks and walking my dogs. I am also restricting my e-mail access to a couple of visits a day so that I do not “waste” too much time during the day on them!

So my plan for my Partnership work is as follows:

1 hour blog commenting – this will be my first task each day once I get up around 6:30am

1 hour Facebook page and Twitter updates via Hootsuite

1 hour blog creation

2 hours product creation although this might expand we I move forward with it,possibly to the detriment of one or more of the other tasks

Also I will apply 1 hour a day to managing the managers of my properties and sorting out any queries that have arisen in that area of my “business empire”.

So I have a working day of 6 hours based on this plan so why don’t I seem to have any spare time every week!

Well I am putting this plan into place from the 1st of May and will let you know by commenting below on how I find it and if it helps me improve my working day and allow me to be more focussed in my efforts to develop my own blog and internet business further!

In this busy world, how do you manage all of your own personal/business issues to take them all forward? Let me know below as it might help me out!

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