Millionaire statusNot sure how many of you are familiar with the BBC TV comedy programme “Only Fools And Horses” which is about a couple of fly pitchers in London who dream of getting rich. The main character, Del Boy Trotter, has a wonderful line which he throws in mainly when their world is at its darkest “This time next year we’re going to be millionaires!” and eventually, more by luck than judgement, they do make it.

Now if we all employed for a normal working life, say 40 years, to earn the million would take an average income of £25,000 from which we have to deduct taxes and living expenses so eventually end up with very little left over and nowhere near enough to become a millionaire.

So what should we be doing to become a millionaire as there are ways to improve yourself to get to this point?

Set Your Goals Early

If you can produce a set of goals for your life at an early stage and then break them down into smaller, more manageable chunks then you can plan your route to success. You need to produce a clear picture of where you want to be and use visualisation to achieve the goals.

Gain Knowledge

I have heard the expression “Knowledge is Power” used many times and this is one of them. By gaining knowledge, you are always better placed to make the right decision for your goals. Never be afraid to invest in yourself either by reading books, attending courses or just giving your time to others who can repay you with their expertise.

By working with mentors in all your walks of life, you can progress quicker and avoid many of the pitfalls that those who try and do everything themselves will fall into and give up.

Be Adaptable

By this I mean, if you are focussed on your goals and hit a major obstruction then you need to find a way around this which might seem to take you away from the path you think you need to follow, but by being adaptable will mean that you readjust quickly and take these problems in your stride without losing sight of the end goal

Learn From The Success Of Others

This can be by reading biographies of successful people, not just in your chosen field, as they have all had to make decisions and possibly sacrifices to get to where they wanted to be and you can learn from their decision making when the time comes for you to make similar decisions.

Again, as I mentioned above, using mentors who have done what you are trying to achieve can give you a tremendous leap forward compared to those who try and do it all themselves!

So for you to become a millionaire, if that is what you desire, takes planning and determination and, as Del Boy found out, a chunk of luck! I am planning to become wealthy from my own efforts and am trying hard to follow the above guidance.

What about you? Do you have clear and concise goals and are you willing to invest in yourself to succeed? I’d love to hear from you

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