This is only a very short message today and covers why I recently joined John Thornhill’s Partnership To Success programme as I was frustrated by my failure to make any progress in Internet Marketing and was most impressed by the reports I saw and the reviews I read from both his own students and on other independent web review sites.

So far I have completed seven sessions and I think the results are so far very impressive in my opinion. I believe this is the best looking web site with which I have been associated so far and that includes a couple that I purchased as “Made For You” sites.

John provides training in small precise video training packages that are easy to follow, very concise and include full instructions so that you can quickly and painlessly carry out the exercise and see instant results.

I find his training to be of excellent quality and I am really enjoying the sessions and look forward to the forthcoming weeks when we start learning about developing our own digital products as being in control of the product is critical if you want to make a significant income from the internet.

I’d be interested to hear from any other student of John’s, past or present, about their experiences with his programme so please add your comments below?

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    • Ron Dowell

      It is good to see other folks following the same path. I think that John can guide us to success. I to am enjoying the program and will follow your progress. Good Luck!

    • DaveThomas


      Thanks for your comment

      I think John’s community appears very strong and he has people still working with him who have been with him since the beginning so that gives me great faith in him and his programme.

      To your success


    • Roman

      Hi Dave,

      100% success rate is guaranteed by John Thornhill if you finish the program. The only way not to succeed is not to finish the program.

      Best wishes,

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