Although I have not started using outsourcing yet, is it something I should be considering as my internet business grows? I have heard many people say that they use outsourcing staff for the daily tasks which leaves them to concentrate on the more cerebral tasks of growing their business.

So where do you find these outsourcers and what should you be paying for their services? You can use major sites like E-lance, or and try and find suitable service provider, but many marketers use staff from the Philippines where there seems to be a surplus of good quality and suitably trained personnel willing to work for you and build your business.

You should be looking to pay between $200-$300 a month for one full time worker who will do marketing work for you such as writing blogs, updating Facebook and Twitter and keeping LinkedIn and YouTube topped up with new content. You can even hire a full time web designer for your business for around $500 a month!

The best way I believe to find these people is by looking on Craig’s List under the section for Manila and then use “Job Offered” and select one or more of the many categories (over 25 I believe) listed under there to get CV’s sent to you. Some relevant categories might be, depending on the role you are trying to fill, admin/office jobs or business/management jobs, but the choice is yours.

Once the job description is published, you will then start receiving CV’s from a multitude of excellently qualified people and you can then start making a decision on which ones you wish to employ. Normally you would receive about 10-15 CV’s over the first four days which is more than enough to start the process.

When you ask for their CV, you should also look to get their Skype ID and that is probably the best way to conduct a formal interview with them. By now you will have a short list, probably of 2 or 3, that you think will be the ideal candidate so you need to do one last exercise which would best be a simple, but practical one such as set up a Facebook Like page or create a new LinkedIn account.

So this will now allow you to select the one you should be taking on unless you want more than one in which case, you can post the job description again and see who else applies.

I will continue the topic of outsourcing and how to manage them in a later posting, but at least, if you think you need one,  you have the basic information to start finding one.

As I mentioned, I have not yet starting using outsourcers, but I have the knowledge of how to find one when I do so would be happy to hear your experiences, good or bad, if you have used an outsourcer yourself!

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