Every year in February, pizza lovers all across the world come together to celebrate National Pizza Day, the day dedicated to indulging in one of the world’s most beloved and most versatile dishes. Whether you prefer the classic Margherita, a stuffed crust loaded pepperoni or any creative, artisanal version, National Pizza Day is the perfect excuse to staisfy your craings and explore the myriad offerings available on a pizza base.

Why there is a National Pizza day is unclear as no-one seems able to tack its origins, but it is clear that pizza is now a world-wide phenomenom. From its humble beginnings in Naples, pizzas have evolved onto a culinary sensation enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. On this special day, pizzerias, restaurants and even home kitchens can embrace the opportunity to showcase their unique takes on this iconic dish.

One thing that is noticeable about National Pizza Day is the huge variety of pizzas available now from its humble origins. From thin-crust to deep dish and including stuffed crust versions, the options are neverending. The range of toppings is endless ranging from the typical tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil to those ingredients that don’t sit easily with some people like pineapple, barbecue chicken or even dessert pizzas with fruit and chocolate!

Celebrating National Pizza Day goes beyond just enjoying a slice of pizza. Many places offer special deals, etc to make the day more enticing for those who find pizza irresistable! Look out for buy one, get one free deals (BOGOF) and exclusive offers made just for this day.

Whether you’re a dedicated fan of pizza or just enjoy trying different flaouts, National Pizza Day is the day to get together with family and friends to enjoy the cheesy flavoursome delight that has capptured hearts, and stomachs, all around the world so this February, grab a slice (or two) and celebrate National Pizza Day with me.

So, tell me what is your favourite pizza toppings and why?

My preference is double pepperoni or a meat feast so what about you. Let me know in the comments below.

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