As I work on producing my own digital products and recruit my own army of affiliate marketers, I am working to create some additional income by being an affiliate marketer for other successful people such as John Thornhill who is my current mentor. So why did I decide to follow this route? Here are my three reasons:

  1. Simple to start

Basically all you need to do is to find a suitable affiliate programme that rings your bell, sign up as there is usually no pre-qualification and the programme owner will usually send you all the information you need to be able to promote his (or her) product. They will also provide you with your own affiliate number so ensure that you use this otherwise any sales will not be attributed to you.

Then all you have to do is to promote the product via your network and possibly on Social Media and take the income as it appears.

One tip here that works, don’t copy verbatim the text that the programme owner sends you as the majority of people will just drop the exact wording into their posts and it all becomes a bit samey! Add your own slant to the message and write it in your words so that your contacts recognise it is you and not just a sales pitch.

  1. No ceiling on earnings

You can earn as much as you want, it will just depend on the strength of your network and, to some extent, the quality of the product. There is no cap on income although there might be a limit per sale on your payment, usually 50% of the sales price. But if you are promoting a $2000 programme that sort of money is not to be sniffed at by anyone!

  1. Selling without selling

The material you use is not usually set up as a sell, sell, sell system, but more an instructional type of message to promote interest and enthusiasm for the product over a series of e-mails or similar. You can also provide social proof of your own for the product so if promoting a slimming aid show the before and after pictures. The marketer might also have this type of information in his promotion papers

So if you are someone who is not happy with direct selling this circumvents your fears and makes it more of a story telling exercise than a sales pitch although we all know that is what it really is!

I hope that helps you to decide if affiliate marketing might be for you and I’d welcome any thoughts or experiences you may have had with affiliate marketing. Did you make money? Was it easy?

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