This is the first post in a short series of articles which outline the basics on which to start your own Internet Marketing business and hopefully they will combine to help you make your decision based on some sound knowledge.

So if you have decided to make your fortune in Internet Marketing then you need to find the right niche for you and everybody has their own reasons for choosing their niche.

There is a good argument for selecting a subject for which you have a specific interest and/or knowledge so that you can soon become recognised as an “expert” in your chosen niche. That way you can produce articles and blog posts from your own experiences and these will have a natural look to them.

But if your subject is in a very limited field, before you start developing your site and products, you need to make sure that it can be monetized and produce a financial return to you.

The ideal customer for which you are seeking is the “irrational compulsive” who is always looking for the next solution to their problem. For example, golfers tend to be this type and will happily buy products or information that will improve their techniques or reduce their scores so finding a niche that can meet their needs will be very profitable.

If you don’t have a preference for any subject, there are three general areas in which a profitable niche can be developed. These are:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth; and
  3. Happiness

These are very generic areas so you would need to drill down and find a more specific niche in which you can develop your on line business.

On Health, you may build an on-line business around e-books which help people improve their physical health such as acne removal, back pain, Alzheimers, etc or you could produce guides on running marathons or on fitness programmes to create a fitter, healthier body for your customer.

On Wealth, teaching people about making money online or training in Forex are both profitable areas in which to develop a site. There are also a number of sites dedicated to horse racing so if you have a specific knowledge in this area then you could look to this for your business.

On Happiness, this could be travel related sites for people wanting to holiday in exotic locations, relationship sites for people looking to fnd a new partner or anything else that would make people happy!

I appreciate that this only touches the surface of the subject and would welcome your thoughts on the topic and how you made the choice for your own chosen niche. Just add your comments below.

If I get enough interest then I will write a follow up and go into much more detail on the ways to select your niche.

    1 Response to "Internet Marketing – Niche Selection"

    • Steven Cousley

      Hi Dave
      That’s a great introduction for the new niche marketer. Often the hardest thing for anybody involved in Internet Marketing is the decision on what or how they are actually going to market. It actually takes some time and effort to choose a topic to focus on. Once that decision has been made, they can then move on to site building, researching, creating content etc.
      I look forward to see your follow up.

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