As the need for a regular income is still strong, I am still getting up and driving off to be an engineering contractor in a large company not far from me and, as it has now clicked over to Spring, I can moan about one of my least favourite jobs, scraping snow and ice off the car windows during the long, cold Winter months!

I have a decent sized 4×4 and so I get in, turn on the engine, flick the switch for the rear window heater and set the blower to maximum temperature and power before pausing for a few moments to soften up the cold, white stuff and then getting out with my trusty scraper and removing every scrap of ice from the side, rear and front windows. I even remove the thin covering over my headlights so that there is no loss in seeing my way on the dark roads around me.

All in all the whole shooting match takes me about five minutes from start to finish and I can them drive away, happy that I have full 100% visibility out of all the windows of my car. I don’t enjoy doing it and usually end up with a couple of cold fingers, but at least I feel safe to drive away!

And then I start to get really upset as I begin my thirty five minute drive to work as not every car driver seems to care whether they can see out of any of their windows and are peering low and hard over the top of their steering wheel through a small patch of windscreen that their pitiful heater has cleared.

Why do they not take a few minutes, like me and most sensible drivers, to buy a scraper and even possibly a can of sprayable ice remover and then get rid of the offending white stuff off their windows? Because they’re lazy and rely on other motorists to get their windows clean so they can avoid accidents with these mindless morons who drive with no care or forethought for others!

Should the police pull them over and fine them for driving without due care and attention? Of course they should, but have you ever heard of anyone being done for this? If the idiot has an accident, would the fact he, or she, can’t see out of their windows count as a mitigating circumstance for the incident or would they get double the penalty for their act of laziness?

Rant over, but are you a caring driver like me who makes sure each and every window is free of ice and snow or a danger to road users with windows totally whited out? Be brave and truthful and let me know in the comments below.

To your success


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