I saw a Post on Facebook from Kim Standerline bemoaning the fact that there were so many P2S sites that were either bereft of content or had not been updated in a while so I got to thinking about my own site, this one.

I logged on and saw the date of my last post, 3rd September 2014, and realised I was one of the people who had let his site slide and I started to look at what had caused this and found it was the usual suspects; job, family and time.

So I vowed to try and correct this and start to create a simple, but effective plan to start adding articles, probably on a weekly basis, to this site and comment on at least 8 other sites each week as planning gives you the focus to succeed.

I read a few new blogs today and did my commenting on them as they all looked this year’s intake onto John Thornhill’s P2S course and it was interesting to see the new format that seems to include more social media icons that we were introduced to last year so need to see if these are now available to us although that will entail more work in joining more sites and trying to keep up to date on them. No we know that is not going work at my current work plan so maybe put that on hold for a while!

Anyway, I’ve written my first posting in nine months so now to develop my plan for moving forward. I also have a few more possible titles in my “popular” Grumpy Old Man series which I’ve observed over the past few months so keep an eye out for those.

Well let’s hope this is not a stutter and I am getting back on track!

I’d, of course, like to see your comments and will try and respond and reciprocate on your sites

To your success


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    • Doug Swisher

      Hi Dave. As a brand new P2S member, one of the things I find most encouraging is the professional appearance and functionality of the other members’ sites I’ve looked at. I’m glad you’re back in the saddle, so to speak–thanks for inspiring a new member with what you’re doing here!

    • Susan

      It is easy Dave for time to slip past us. Especially when attempting to learn something new, and keeping up with our life. I find I write many postings in my head, or on scraps of paper, then don’t get to translating them to the post page. You seem to have been at this a lot longer than I. I like your categories. Nice graphic added to this post — few use graphics and I think they add something.
      In looking at another fellow P2S site, I noticed the 2015 Simple Traffic Solution is available for affiliates and it is better art.
      Wish you the best with your endeavors.
      Susan recently posted…DetourMy Profile

    • Kim

      Good for you Dave
      And to be honest I had a stutter myself earlier in the year where I didn’t post for a few weeks because I had more ‘pressing’ things to do…

      One way I try to overcome the problem is I spend a day every so often queuing my blog posts up for several weeks in advance, spacing them out so they post every 4 days. I’ve come to realize it;s totally unrealistic to be able to do it more frequently so I don’t even try.

      Also if you’re stuck for something to say, look for some decent PLR you can edit, it’s a great filler

      Kim recently posted…Do Folks Hate You? Don’t Worry, You’re On The Right Track if They Do…My Profile

    • Julie Ashti

      It’s nice to see that others are human too. I have been feeling guilty and embarrassed that I haven’t done all that much.
      Your posts are inspiring, in that I see they don’t have to be long or complicated to be interesting.

      Well done for making a comeback – I’m sure I’m not the only one to take courage from your ability to jump back in with such charm.

      Julie Ashti recently posted…How building an email list can save you if your retirement plan is rubbishMy Profile

    • Rachel Bock

      Dave, thank you for your honesty. I appreciate that acknowledgement of “imperfection.” I think so many times, we think of the Yoda phrase “Do or do not. There is no try.” In fact, someone recently reminded me that “Failure Is A Verb.”

      Kim, thank you for the guidance to help us set realistic expectations. I think that’s the hardest part for a newer marketer. Without the experience to know what’s realistic, it is easy to set high (unreachable) expectations.
      Rachel Bock recently posted…Practice, Practice, PracticeMy Profile

      • DaveThomas

        Well Rachel and the rest who have commented, you can see my original “threat” did not quite materialise, but I have had some issues with my sites and have been trying to resolve them which is not an excuse, but has held me up!

        I had some time away recently and have created some new posts around my Grumpy Old Man persona as well as a few others related to IM so am in the process of catching up and adding them to my blog.

        I hope you all come back, read them and comment as you see fit


    • DaveThomas

      Well to all the guys who responded in 2015 about my new found reslve, just to let you know it died soon after! I did a few more updates and wrote a couple of blogs, but then drifted off to the newest silver bullet solution at the time.

      I came back two or more times since than and did the same, but with no real cimmittment to actuall stay and work on the site or in the business which is what a working blog site should be.

      But it is now 2020, we are in the middle of the greatest crisis that has probably ever hit mankind so I’ve returned to Partnership to Sucess 2020 and have made a vow to work on it until successful

      So wish me luck

      To your success


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