RechargingI was searching around for some inspiration for a topic to write about and found an interesting title in my search results of “100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write” This intrigued me so I clicked on the link and found myself looking at 100 titles for possible blog posts so I jumped in and “stole” this one for my own use! I am also giving credit to Chris Brogan ( as requested for the use of his idea.

  1. Walk My Dogs – I love to walk my little dogs every day and I find that this walk just after a light lunch gives me a great break from the tasks underway and also allows me to clear my head and, as I am walking up the hill to my house, I start to think about my priorities for the afternoon work. I enjoy this break even when the weather is inclement as I dress to suit and even the rain can help refresh me on my walk (as is usual in the UK in the summer!)
  2. Listen To Music – I don’t mind if it is a CD or the radio, but I enjoy listening to various genre’s except the thump, thump type of music. I tend to listen to Absolute Radio as they play more rock music or Radio 2. My CD’s reflect my general music taste and I currently enjoy The Killers and Kings Of Leon as my preference!
  3. Play On-Line Games – This can be a real-time stealer and I do try to set time limits for this activity so that I do not waste that much time. I mainly play on Facebook; things like Bejewelled Blitz and Solitaire. I used to enjoy MMORPG type games, but soon realised that the “best” players were spending a lot of money to keep themselves at the top of the table as well as playing for long periods. I have now dropped the two I played twice  a day and spend more time on the two games above. These do relax me even though I’m still stuck on a computer.
  4. Read – I love reading real books mainly because I still don’t have a Kindle or electronic book reader yet, but planning to get one when money is available! The feel of a good book in your hands is comforting and I do try to get a new book when I am travelling by plane or train somewhere and lose myself in the words. I know people say that you should read books that move you forwards such as self-help and improvement titles and I do like these, but do like a good fiction book for a long plane journey as I hate the small screen TV so don’t watch films and the like!
  5. Plan A Holiday – Probably my favourite way to recharge is to have a relaxing holiday so I also use the planning as a way of recharging! The anticipation is great and the visualisation of where you are going and what you will be doing does help to make you feel great!

So those are my ways of recharging, what are yours? Let me know below!

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