Why I Chose Internet Marketing?

I suppose the first question most people ask when I tell them I’m an Internet Marketeer is why so maybe I should try and explain that here in my blog.

I started investing in my own property portfolio about eight years ago and grew quite quickly and managed to get all my money out of each property by the way I bought, refurbished and remortgaged them at a higher value. I then looked at other ways of making a passive income and lots of people were saying they were making money in Internet Marketing so I started investigating how I could join them.

I also liked the idea that I could run my business from a beach anywhere in the world, drive a top class automobile and live in a huge house

After spending lots of time (and money!) chasing the quick and easy solution, I soon came to realise that the only people making money from these so-called silver bullet solutions were the guys selling them. And these businesses are not real and the riches promised are as real as well.

So I then went back to my research and realised that the only way to make money with Internet Marketing is to treat it like a job and do the work to create an online business from which will come an income.

I also realised that although you can make some money from affiliate products and from Adsense income, the real money is made from your own products so my next training is to learn how to do that with a suitable mentor. More on that though in a later blog!

So I chose Internet Marketing to create a second passive income alongside my property portfolio and the freedom that this will hopefully give me and allow me to do the things in life that I want at this stage in my life.

I would be interested in why you are thinking of Internet Marketing as a second, or third, income stream or as a way to escape from the JOB (Just Over Broke) that you are in today so add something in the Comments box below?



  • igor Griffiths

    Reply Reply February 13, 2014

    Well hello Dave

    Great to hear your property business is doing so well.

    Do not worry about chasing the easy button, even the best business minds get caught in that loop, Rich Schefren is not ashamed to admit that despite being a highly successful offline businessman he got caught for far too long in shiny button land.

    Great to hear you have opted like me for John Thornhill as your guide to take you through the maze that is creating real value for other people which in turn brings its own rewards for the creator of this value, namely you.


  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply March 1, 2014


    Thanks for the comment.

    The property business is only ticking over and I am looking for the impetus of some much needed income to enable me to enjoy the fruits of life at my age.

    I have tried many times before with so-called IM experts and guru’s and failed miserably chasing their pie in the sky promises.

    From what I’ve read about John and the lessons so far, this course is aimed at those who want to work and are not afraid of putting in the necessary effort to succeed. I can see that if I follow his training and copy the methods, even if I think I know better in some cases, then I will succeed and with my own set of products.

    Am enjoying the journey so far, but, mind you, we haven’t really hit any major hills yet which might stop some and slow others down. With the support on the Facebook group, I can see there will be a solution to all my questions


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