A few years ago I noticed that I was receiving lots of offers using sales pages of a similar style including video messages and as I was trying to develop some affiliate sales pages of my own, I did some research into the way that people were producing them.

Using a web based resource which investigates the make up of blog sites and pages, I found out it was a new tool called OptimizePress. I dug deeper and found some glowing reports so made the decision to add the product to my new web sites.

I bought the basic package which gave me 3 licences enabling me to build three sites using OptimizePress and set about building my first site on goalkeeping.

As usual with a new tool, I had some teething problems, but found the support staff very helpful and patient in assisting me to incorporate the product into the sites I was building.

Once I understood the process, I was able to complete my other two licensed sites and pushed them out into the wide world of the iternet and watched as they brought traffic and potential buyers to my sites.

In the options for the development of the various sales pages, there were a number of different options you could choose so you could change the look of the pages. This did give you the impression that there were so many different layouts to choose, but there were some limitations and these held you back in making too many changes and differences between your site and other competing sites.

Eventually I noticed so many sales pages looking very much the same thereby losing their uniqueness so did not extend my licence further and went off on other routes.

Recently, on a new training programme with a UK mentor, I found that OptimizePress have now launched a new version of their product and from my initial look through the videos about the product, it looks to be a lot more advanced and there definitely seems to be more possibilities for variety and individuality on your pages.

I am now looking to upgrade my licence from OP1 to the new, more versatile OP2 and develop my new sites in the new version. I have seen some examples of sites using the new version and have been very impressed by the formats.

Hopefully I can make my new sites look half as good as those I have seen and will be on the case later today. As usual, I’ll use the various training videos before starting my development work and update you as I proceed.

Have you used OptimizePress 1 or 2 in developing any sites and what are your thoughts on them? Let me know your thoughts in the Comments box below and even leave a link to one of your best sites developed in OP1 or 2!

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