Traffic is the life blood of any internet site and if you aren’t getting enough then you are unlikely to be in a position to make a significant income from your site so I have outlined three free ways that you can increase awareness of your site and get people coming back for more of what you are saying on your site and by getting them to sign up for updates.

Blog Commenting

One simple way is to comment on other people’s blogs in your niche and that does not mean “Wow, great information!” and then leave your name and site URL as this will be looked upon, in some cases where the blog has to be approved by the owner, as Spam and will not get published.

You need to write something that adds to the blog and will get people looking at your posts and then seeing you as an authority in the selected niche which will make them want to see more of your musings and they will hopefully sign up to your own site.

You do need to make sure before you post that the blog allows you to post your own URL and, if not, then it may not be worth the effort to write something if there is no way that the other readers can find more of what you are writing elsewhere. This is unusual, but best to find out before you post

Press Releases

There are a number of sites where you can post a press release and they will publish it for you and you can post a new one, say, once a month. You can use these to firstly announce your site as being live and then, on a regular basis, to publicise new important articles, a new product or even just to remind people that you are out there and in a certain niche.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is an important asset for Internet Marketers and you should use it where possible to promote your site and gain more recognition for your position as an authority in your selected niche and this will get more people visiting your site and signing up for your updates, etc.

You create a channel using your domain name so as to create a keyword rich title and then make your own simple 2 or 3 minute videos using your IPhone or a proper video camera. Sometimes quick and dirty videos carry more impact rather than one that looks as if it has been staged and produced in a more professional manner.

One easy video to create is to just verbalise one or more of your site blogs which will probably take a couple of minutes and you can always add the standard call to action as you finish. You can show your site name at the bottom of the video and even have a clickable link or them to go directly to your site.

Are you using any of these techniques and, if so, are they creating traffic for your site? If not, why not take a bit of time today and look to take one of them on and see if it does build more traffic for you!

    1 Response to "Three Free And Easy Traffic Generation Tips"

    • Stuart Avis

      These are three great tips for traffic generation and there are plenty more out there as well. For example forum posting on sites like the Warrior Forum are a great way to offer your advice and expertise to get you noticed. Paid traffic and social media are also great tools.

      The three tips you have identified are unique and are great ways of creating traffic! I am following the blog commenting at the moment.


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