I left school at 16 with fewer O-levels (yes, it was a long time ago) than was expected and had to find a new career path rather than the one I had wanted on being an architect. Luckily, at this time, there were many apprentice schemes available and I joined a local telecommunications company and started to train to become an engineer.

Encouraged to go to college, I swiftly passed through both ONC and HNC and on completion of my apprenticeship, I went on to City University on a graduate training programme with my company. By the end of the degree course, telecommunications was going through some big changes so I went off and worked in many different industries and roles until I returned to Cranfield University and obtained my Masters degree.

On graduation, my family grew with the arrival of a daughter and a son, and my career moved through consultancy work and senior management roles through a range of industries again, but in 2004, my life was changed dramatically.

I knew my mother was suffering from Alzheimers, but when my father passed away early in that year, I realised that I had to take responsibility for her and become her carer leaving my career behind.

Once things had settled down after the funeral of my father, I took some part time training in property and became a succesful investor building a 19 unit portfolio over a short 18 month period utilising a simple formula and managed to extract all my money out of these deals. To learn more about this visit my site, Million Pound Portfolio, where you can find out more.

I have qualified as a mortgage advisor, but have not been active in that field, just done enough for my own properties.

I then investigated adding Internet Marketing to my passive income portfolio by the application of “silver bullet solutions” from a number of so-called gurus and all that I managed to achieve was a lot of wasted time and wasted money.

I was still interested in the concept of an Internet Marketing business so have now found a mentor in John Thornhill who tells it like it is and does not promise an easy ride, but we know that with hard work and following his principles, a viable Internet Marketing business can be a reality.

To your success

Dave Thomas

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