Internet Marketing Sites Are Swans!

Why Internet Sites Are LIke SwansSwanWhen you visit a web site, all you see is the nicely presented page laid out in front of you giving you all the information you want from that site. Then, if you click a link on the site requesting information, your e-mail Inbox bulges almost immediately with the e-book or first lesson of a series, but do you ever wonder how this all happens?

In reality, a good web site, in my opinion, is like a swan swimming upstream against the current. What you see is a magnificent sight effortlessly moving forward without a struggle, but underneath the water every sinew of its body is paddling furiously to maintain this forward motion.

Similarly with an interesting, well designed and presented web site, all you see when you land on the page are high quality graphics and loads of interesting content. When you find something you want and hit the link to request the same, with very little effort and in no time whatsoever, you have the information on your  computer.

Behind the scenes though there is a lot of furious activity to make sure that this happens with the minimum of fuss and makes your experience not just a good one, but a great one!

But this does not just happen with luck, but like your web site, you need to put in the effort to get it right just like the swan has to when battling upstream. There are a lot of other sites out there looking for the same customers as you so you have to keep pushing hard to keep you moving forward.


  • Liliana Marsden

    Reply Reply March 3, 2014

    Hi Dave

    Interesting analogy. I do believe that content is the most important thing anyway.

    I sometimes think that I will change the theme and stop myself, although I wasted yesterday changing the theme and went back to the original.

    Great blog and great content.

  • Dave Thomas

    Reply Reply April 27, 2014


    Thanks for the comment.

    I try to achieve good content that others find enjoyable or instructional and I only know that when I get feedback so many thanks for that!

    To your success

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